Bring those tingly butterflies back into your marriage with conversations crafted to light your intimacy on fire 

Are you ready to build a stronger, more fulfilling relationship with your spouse?

These Conversation Cards provide a fun way to have meaningful conversations while achieving greater intimacy and connection

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Routine Conversations seem to recycle into the same ol' small talk, all-business-no-play, surface level interactions.

It's easy to have the same conversations. Work, kids, plans, the weather...rarely venturing into more meaningful topics.

Sometimes there's a huge roadblock to deeper conversations like not feeling heard or understood.

Some conversations seem best to be avoided like talking about your sex life or what you really want your future to look like.

Your marriage has been longing for deeper intimacy, who knew it could be solved by asking the right questions?

These Conversation Starters are Done-for You Questions to help you foster deeper conversations with your spouse by transforming your conversations!

*this is a digital product nothing will be mailed to you


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Here's what you'll get:

110 cards (size 2" by 3") crafted to spark the deep conversations you wish you were already having

Cards covering a wide range of topics designed to enhance your intimacy while enjoying each other. 

Improved communication using the included Conversation Rules so you can have fun while getting to know each other better and no fights

Bonus Games are included to give you the confidence to tackle any and every topic

What if conversations with your spouse reignited your love instead of letting it fade away?

By using conversation starter cards, you can bring new life into your relationship by:

Exploring new topics

Sharing your thoughts and feelings

Rediscovering what makes you both tick

Strengthening trust

Making quality time count

Creating lasting memories

Rather than settling for mundane small talk, conversation starter cards can help you delve deeper into each other's minds and hearts, leading to a stronger and more fulfilling bond. 

Create lasting memories of cherished intimacy
Let's take a closer look at what's included & how these Conversation Starters are going to help you spark new conversations and explore new aspects of your marriage to reignite your passion and intimacy:

Rules of Engagement

We've provided a framework for healthy communication

No fighting, just intimacy building.

Helping you and your partner listen to each other

Understand each other's perspectives

Build a stronger connection

110 Mind-Stimulating Cards

Make your quality time count.

Ensuring every conversation leads to meaningful connection

Each card is crafted to spark deep conversations that lead to transformations in your marriage

These cards can help improve your communication skills by providing you with interesting and thought-provoking questions to ask, leading to more meaningful conversations

Some cards challenge you to think outside the box leading to increased creativity in your marriage

Wide variety of subjects

You get to pick and choose what you want to talk about from light and fun to deep and meaningful.

There's something for every couple to

Deepen your understanding of each other's perspectives

Learn new things about yourself and your partner

Keep your conversations fresh, interesting, and engaging.

Communication Rules

Comes with separate printable communication rules and an explanation of each rule

Set yourself up for the best success

Creates a safe space for communication

Helps establish healthy communication habits

Set expectations to avoid misunderstandings that could lead to conflict

Get these Conversation Starters now so you can transform the communication in your marriage!
*this is a digital product nothing will be mailed to you


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Wahoo! Everyone loves some BONUSES!
It gets even better! When you purchase these Conversation Starters, you'll also get exclusive access to some AMAZING bonuses!

25 Cards for Couples with Children ($15 Value)

For couples who already have children

Foster a deeper sense of family connection and togetherness

Help strengthen family bonds

Provides an opportunity for reflection

Build a deeper appreciation for each other's strengths as parents and partners

10 Cards for Couples who want Children ($10 Value)

For Couples who want children

Conversations to help plan your future

Discuss your hopes and expectations

Build emotional connection by sharing your desires and concerns

Identify areas where you may need support

3 Games ($10 Value)

3 engaging games to jumpstart your conversations

Maximize the impact of your conversations

Providing structure and focus, giving you a clear starting point 

Encourages active listening to foster deeper understanding, empathy, and connection

Tackle sensitive subjects with a clear objective

Total value: $62

Regular Price: $37

Today's Price: $17

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I understand that keeping the conversation flowing and maintaining a strong connection can be challenging.
Hi, I'm Elizebeth, and my goal is to help people see life's full potential when you involve God.

I've been blessed to help thousands of marriages just like yours through the resources on my site. It is my mission that every marriage can achieve the "oneness" that the Bible speaks of in Genesis 2:24. Every marriage has areas that are ready for growth and I want to help you achieve all your marriage goals!

I have over a decade of marriage experience where I was consistently praying for wisdom, diving into the scriptures, and learning from other wives in the faith how to be the wife that God called me to be. 

I want every marriage to be successful, so I take the wisdom that I have learned from God's word and the experience in my own marriage to help other couples overcome their struggles.

That's why I created these Conversation Starter Cards- 

to you help you and your spouse deepen your connection, spark new insights and make the most of the time you have together.

*this is a digital product nothing will be mailed to you


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Have a burning question?
This is a crazy good deal. Are you sure
this isn't a scam?

This product is at a low price for a limited time. I made these cards at a low price because I want them to be accessible to everyone.

How long will it take to use the cards?

This depends on you and how deep you want your conversations to be. Some cards can create conversations that only last a few minutes, other cards can create conversations that last hours if you let them.

How will I get the product after I purchase?

There will be a link to download these cards after you check out. They will also be emailed to you.

What all comes with the purchase?

This is a digital product that comes with a PDF file that includes:

  • 1 (size 4"x6") Rules of Engagement card 
  • 110 (size 2"x3") Conversation Cards
  • 25 (size 2"x3") Cards for couples with children
  • 10 (size 2"x3") Cards for couples who want children
  • 3 (size 4"x6") games

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this being a digital product, I do not offer refunds.

Ignite Deeper Conversations with your partner and order your Conversation Starters today!

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase these Conversation Starter Cards

Rules of Engagement Card - $5 value

110 Conversation Starter Cards- $32 Value

BONUS #1: 25 Cards for Couples with children- $15 Value

BONUS #2: 10 Cards for Couples who want children - $10 Value

BONUS #3: 3 Games - $10 Value

Total value: $62

Regular Price: $37

Today's Price: $17

*this is a digital product nothing will be mailed to you


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